Fiber Composites as well as Components and Gaskets Made of Graphite for the Automotive Industry

Today, composites and graphite-based solutions are playing a key role in the automotive industry and will continue to do so in the future.

We develop and manufacture in series lightweight components based on composites for modern day vehicles. Our composites portfolio ranges from structural parts (e.g. roof frames, A, B, C pillar reinforcement, back seats) and body components (e.g. hoods, doors, rear spoilers) to powertrain and chassis components (e.g. leaf springs made from glass fiber-reinforced plastic) as well as carbon-ceramic high-performance brake disks.

Furthermore, our specialty graphite solutions help to increase efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions for vehicles with both alternative drives and standard combustion engines. Areas of application are among other bearings for cooling water pumps and exhaust gas management, rotors and vanes in vacuum pumps or sealing rings for seals.

Additionally, we offer SIGRACET® gas diffusion layers for use in PEM fuel cells for locally emission free mobility.

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