Our Graphite Materials & Systems (GMS) business unit

Specialty graphite – the engine of technological progress

We are one of the world’s leading experts in specialty graphites. We have in-depth knowledge of the exceptional properties of graphite in all its forms and we know how it behaves in a wide range of processes and in combination with other materials.

We are a sought-after development partner and solution provider for our customers and we support them with our expertise and continuously improved graphite components. We cover all processing stages and monitor the entire value chain, which enables us to guarantee the particularly high and consistent quality of our materials. At the same time, we assist our customers with the ongoing development of their production processes and support them in their growth. Thanks to the size and strength of our business, we can effortlessly manage everything, from rapidly growing quantities to the ramp-up of full production.

Our expertise in small and large energy storage systems


Energy storage is a key topic for sustainable mobility and energy supply. Thanks to our synthetic graphite, which is used in anodes, we are already making an important contribution to higher-performance lithium-ion batteries, and therefore to electric vehicles, while our battery felts and bipolar plates used in stationary energy storage systems (known as redox-flow batteries) make efficient charging and discharging possible. Our specialty graphite solutions also help to improve the fast charging ability of lead-acid batteries.


More powerful semiconductors and more intelligent light


Modern life is unthinkable without semiconductors. Computers, power supply units, LEDs, the internet, solar cells – they all rely on semiconductors, including those based on silicon and silicon carbide (SiC). Components made of specialty graphite are crucial to many processes in semiconductor production, such as crystal growing and subsequent wafer processing steps like epitaxy or ion implantation. These processes take place at very high temperatures and in extremely corrosive environments. At the same time, maximum cleanliness and absolute precision are required. We offer graphite components for several steps of the semiconductor production process and are one of the leading suppliers of silicon carbide coatings to this industry. Our specialty graphites also support the growing adoption of silicon carbide-based semiconductors in the rapidly-growing power electronics market, which enables a more efficient control and conversion of electrical energy.

Heat resistance and high purity for the solar industry


We develop essential components for the highly sensitive process of crystal growing as used in the production of polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon, the most important raw material in the manufacture of solar cells. These components include heaters, crucibles, and heat shields made of high-purity fine grain graphite or carbon fiber-reinforced carbon, as well as insulation components made of graphite felt.


Self-lubricating specialty graphite for the automotive industry


Our high-performance specialty graphites are self-lubricating, highly heat-resistant, corrosion-proof, and able to withstand heavy loads. They are used in cooling water pumps and vacuum pumps in the automotive industry, for example. Customers also benefit from our application technology expertise, as we advise them on the optimization of their processes and work with them to find solutions for their specific requirements.


The leader in graphite-based solutions for the chemical industry


Innovative specialty graphite solutions are essential for complex processes in the chemical and petrochemical industries. We are the leading supplier of graphite-based solutions for corrosive applications, as well as a sought-after partner for leading companies that value our considerable expertise in materials and applications.

The consistently high quality of our materials and products increases the safety and service life of plants, minimizes emissions and downtimes, and helps to reduce total operating costs.


Solutions along the entire value chain

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